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Episode Recap: The Big Bang Theory S10E24 – ‘The Long Distance Dissonance”

By May 12, 2017 Entertainment, Reviews, TV

The big news from the Big Bang Theory camp is, of course, the fact that the show was renewed for the next two years.  Fans reacted by giving them the lowest ratings in years.  Why?  Perhaps since they felt the show was ‘safe’ and they could watch the episode some other time.  Even the DVR replays were down.  Was it the storyline?  Was it that some people don’t like Sheldon and Leonard not living together?  Sure, it’s across the hall, but they’re no longer two nerds living together, now they’re two adult nerds living with their girlfriends, and live near each other.  It’s a subtle shift, and one I experienced in my own life in the past and again recently, but perhaps that shift was enough to give views a pause.

Whatever the reason, this show is going strong, and the season ended on a huge cliffhanger.

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